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F&L Galaxy is a software engineering firm that develops unique and innovative solutions within the gaming industry.

With a team that specializes in e-commerce, e-rewards, and Digital Loyalty, F&L Galaxy can transform and elevate your project.

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Welcome to F&L Galaxy!
As you browse our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make F&L Galaxy an outstanding custom software development provider for our clients and an amazing place to achieve your career goals.

We are unique because of our great people. While you can find many software development companies, at F&L Galaxy you will get the personal touch your project deserves.

Lei Pei, CEO

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Mobile Development

F&L Galaxy offers custom IOS and Android app development. Our software engineering team specializes in prototyping, product analysis, UI/UX design, QA consulting, native app development, and cross-platform solutions. With our consulting services, our company leads the entire mobile app development process from start to finish with ongoing support tailored to your needs.

  • We help you conceptualize and execute your mobile development plan

  • Our team helps create an aesthetically pleasing design with an efficient user experience

  • We build and test your mobile application

UI/UX Design

When you choose F&L Galaxy, you can be confident that our team of expert UI and UX designers will create your product without compromising quality and efficiency. We follow established design standards, workflows, and guidelines to deliver your product within the set timeframe. Our unique process and dedication allows us to develop effective digital solutions to create successful user experiences.

  • User Research

  • User Testing

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Usability Testing

The first step in this process is getting to know your users. We help you gain insights through research in order to better identify and define the problem you are targeting. Our team generates potential solutions and turns them into a tangible product.Through various stages of testing and prototyping, our designers create a useful and valuable product.

Quality Assurance Testing

F&L Galaxy offers services that prevent failure and enhance the quality of your product. Through manual and automation testing, our engineers ensure that the software we develop fully adheres with the protocols and meets all quality parameters before delivery.

  • Generating requirements and quality standards

  • Making estimations

  • Developing a plan

  • Documentation

At F&L Galaxy, our experienced professionals will perform quality assurance testing to give you the best possible results.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting advisors study your existing software and create solutions to optimize your operations by identifying the problems in workflows and automation. Experts at F&L Galaxy develop custom strategies that will help your firm implement the latest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency. After recommending steps for further improvements, our team assists you every step of the way.

  • Cloud services

  • Network operations

  • Cybersecurity and compliance

Our experts have experience implementing and working with software that they can apply to your needs.

Software Development

At F&L Galaxy, we utilize efficient software development methodologies that incorporate our innovative solutions and enhance the quality of your product.

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Design

  • Development and Coding

  • Testing

  • Maintenance and Updates

We help you plan, design, develop, and test your application in order to ensure that the final product satisfies all your expectations.

Game Development

Our team of programmers ensure a smooth game development process, from concept creation to game release. At F&L Galaxy we offer support every step of the way, applying our expertise and consulting services to transform your idea into a real game.

  • Planning

  • Production

  • Testing

  • Pre-Launch

  • Launch

  • Post-Production


We are an experienced team of software engineers actively recruiting qualified candidates of all levels who are enthusiastic about joining our company. If you are looking for a great opportunity developing creative solutions using cutting edge technology, then you should apply to one of our open positions today!

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